There are two things that Irish people love more than anyone or anything else in the world – tea and their mum’s cooking.

But just how far would you go to get a plate of your favourite dinner?

Well, this one Kerry-man ended up in court claiming that he was actually “bribed” with the offer of his mother’s bacon and cabbage dinner.

Donal Cosgrave from Co. Kerry explained to a court that he did not breach an order preventing him from entering his mother’s home as he ate the dinner she gave him on the porch and not inside the house.

The 50-year-old man said that the only reason he went to his mother’s house in Killarney was because she offered him a bacon and cabbage dinner if he cut the grass in her garden.

Mr Cosgrave told the court that this must amount to a bribe because nobody would be able to resist his mother’s cooking.

When the judge asked “was the bacon and cabbage to be given before or after the grass cutting?” Donal replied that it was “before”.

“You have to have a full stomach for hard work… I did not enter the house, I ate the bacon and cabbage on the back porch,” he revealed.

Donal was also apparently expecting the forensic team to show up as he brought the runners he had been wearing at the time to court so he could show that the grass from his mother’s garden was stuck to his footwear.

Mr Cosgrave also revealed that as well as the dinner, his mum gave him “some mustard, and a little bit of dessert.”

The judge has adjourned the case until the 21st of July but Donal has been ordered to stay completely away from his mum’s house, even if he is offered dinner.