We'll admit, we're dog people here in SHEmazing! HQ. Not that we don't love other animals, but we feel like dogs are our best friends and they often come visit us in the office, too.

So every year, we look out for the coolest (and cutest) dogs at Crufts. The competition has been running for 125 years, and the pooches just keep getting better.

Here, we look at the top ten most delightful dogs from this year's show (get ready to swoon):

1. Take a look at this posh pooch


2. And this fluff ball is just too cute…


3. Talk about #HairGoals


4. And the opposite…


5. But this dog knows how to shield from the weather


6. And we're loving this gal's accessories


7. But for originallity, these two take the (dog) biscuit


8. This pooch is looking a bit grumpy…


9. And this dog just couldn't care less..


10. But this one completely stole our hearts <3