Over the weekend, San Francisco’s Ocean Beach was the host of the second annual NorCal CorgiCon Fall Beach Day.

Also know by corgi lovers, and just canine fans in general as the best day ever.

Founded by residents of San Francisco just last year, the festival was set up to honour the humble corgi. It also raises money for animal rescue efforts, with proceeds going to West Coast organisations along with Corgi Aid and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

This weekend’s main event was the Corgi Costume Contest, in which approximately 630 dogs participated.

There were also various games, races and raffles rounded out Saturday’s soirée. Raffles! Who doesn't love a good raffle?

The Bay Area party actually comes around twice a year, once in the summer and once in autumn. Even if corgi fanatics can’t make it out to the beach to party with corgis, they can still support the cause. The CorgiCon website allows dog lovers to stock up on merchandise, learn about the event various sponsors and donate to animal shelters.

But before you do anything else, please look at these snaps from CorgiCon’s Costume Contest below — you can thank us later.






Guaranteed mood boosters those corgis are.