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Our chocolate dreams have come true. Lindt have finally opened their very own Irish store and we cannot wait to visit.

The Swiss choclatier has officially opened the doors of their Kildare Village store, much to the delight of shoppers.

Queues formed from early morning with visitors travelling from counties far and wide to get the first glimpse of the store.

The pop up-shop which will run for a limited time, offers an array of premium confectionery favourites from Lindt including assorted bars, sharing boxes and beautifully packaged gifts.

We cannot wait to pop in and create our own personalised box of Lindt chocolates (a gift for ourselves, obviously.)

Lindt-lovers are in for a real treat as the store also features a designated Pick and Mix area including a selection of exclusive and limited-edition flavours as well as all of the classic Lindt favourites, allowing guests to create their own personalised box or bag of Lindt chocolates.


If anyone is looking for us we'll be in the Lindt store in Kildare Village, surrounded by chocolate wrappers and living our best lives.



Christmas has arrived…in August. (And no, we are not messing).

Most of us enjoy the holiday season and all the nostalgic memories it brings with it.

We can practically smell the spiced candles, taste the savoury stuffing, and feel the warmth of a hot chocolate enclosed in our icy fingers.

But how soon is too soon for us to anticipate the joy of Christmas time?

There have been whispers of Christmas trees circling around the country as customers share photos of holiday decorations popping up in stores.

In particular, Brown Thomas has been the buzz on social media due to their bountiful baskets of ornaments and shelves of silver reindeer.

Now, it seems the rumours have been confirmed, ensuring the holiday season is upon us earlier than we expected.

Brown Thomas fashion director Shelly Corkery announced on Instagram that the Christmas shop will open tomorrow, August 16th.


Christmas shop !!!! @officialbrownthomas …. Open tomorrow …

A post shared by Shelly Corkery (@shelly.corkery) on

Comments so far have shown mixed feelings about the early opening, with some people feeling over the moon and some expressing their annoyance.

However, the mid-August Christmas debut is not a new policy for Brown Thomas.

In fact, the store has regularly opened near summer’s end. So, they must be getting enough pre-holiday season shoppers to keep up the tradition.

According to Lovin Dublin, the store’s Managing Director, Stephen Sealey, said that the premature decorations were “really popular” with customers.

“A lot of people like to get organised early – from interior designers sourcing special pieces to tourists looking to bring home something extraordinary – it satisfies customer demand.”

So, whether you are on board or not, Christmas in the air!

Head down to Brown Thomas to get an early start on your holiday decorating.



Every year you tell yourself it's going to be different, and yet every year you find yourself stomping your way through an overheated department store with no idea how you've ended up in this situation yet again.

Having left it too late to avail of any online services, you resign yourself to a stress-filled, anxiety-ridden day spent barging into other last-minute shoppers who have no time for you or your lack of planning. And let's be honest, you've hardly got time for theirs, either.

If you are a bonafide last-minute merchant, you'll know all too well the highs and lows of that infamous festive dash through the city's crowded streets.

Let's take a look, shall we?

1. The constant de-robing

Pulling your gloves on and off while frantically loosening your scarf is par for the course when you're dashing in and out of different stores every 15 minutes.

You convince yourself you'll make it to the next destination without having to wrap up, only to realise you have a chance of losing your fingers if you don't actually stop and stuff your fingers into some damp wool.

And the cycle continues.

2. The lack of familial knowledge

In the midst of Christmas mania, you tend to forget every single thing about your family which may help you actually choose a present.

Can your dad read? Does your mam have any interest in film? What's your brother's name?

You know, that kinda thing.

3. The lack of interest

Yes, your stressed face may suggest you're absolutely desperate to land on the perfect present for a chosen loved one, but only you know how little you actually care.

Of course you have no desire to leave them empty-handed on the big day, but whether they'll truly love the gift is, at this stage, kind of beside the point.

You need something to wrap, and damn it, you're going to find it on this shelf.

4. The 3 for 2 hell

In theory, it sounds amazing, but in reality it just forces you into another level of hell, as you desperately try to match what's on offer with a member of your circle.

And as always, you'll only find an item suitable for a person you've already bought something for.

But you just can't so no to a bargain… even if it's not a bargain.

5. The random ache

Whether it's a gnawing pain in your lower pack, a pinched heel from your winter boots or a throbbing headache from the heat and the crowds, you will not make it through this day without at least one painkiller.

And, as we all know, that painkiller may as well have been thrown over your shoulder for all the good it will do.

6. The frantic phone call

If you haven't stood in the middle of a store and held up everyone around you while you made a frantic phone call home, you're a mere novice when it comes to a last-minute dash.

Demanding to know what your family members like and what they already own is a classic stage in the sh*tshow that is the seasonal shopping trip.

Hanging up in frustration is also par for the course.

7. The nagging financial worry

You know you need to buy these presents and you know there's no way around it, and yet you can't shake off the nagging financial worry and simply embrace the season.

With every tap of your card, your stomach folds itself into a bigger knot as you imagine what your statement is going to look like in January.

You may have ticked someone off your list, but ironically, all it has given you is further anxiety.

And the worst part? You know you'll endure all of this again next time around, Why? Because you never learn.