There’s one thing that we actually hate about the summer season; the bikini bod diets.

It feels like we’re inundated with the latest burn fat fast trends from January all the way through to September and while we love being fit and healthy, we also love Nutella.

Saying good bye to our favourite chocolate treats can be tough, but it’s all done in the name of health.

Deciding to cut out excess junk food is never easy, but finding healthier replacements can help ease the way for you. It's tempting to reach for the biscuit tin when that dreading afternoon slump hits, but now you can have something much healthier without sacrificing taste.

Hummus and crackers anyone? The Irish people have become obsessed with this protein filled snack as of late, and we think this might be taking it one step further. If you're one of the few who thought the spread didn’t seem so appealing we think we may have found the solution.

Chocolate flavoured hummus.


Get crazy this weekend and #dip your popcorn in some dark chocolate. Sweet & Salty Heaven.

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Yes, it does sound bizarre, but reviews are excellent and apparently it’s one of the more tasty chocolate replacements out there. Yay! All of the flavour and none of the nasties that can totally derails your healthy eating plan.


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Natural food company Hope Foods make the delicious spread which is also gluten and dairy free. There’s even a coconut flavour and they use all organic ingredients.

We’re keen to try it considering that it looks an awful lot like chocolate mousse, and that’s a big winner around these parts.