Yep, you read that headline right – unfortunately. 

A survey for Safe Food has shown that many lunch wraps that are sold in shops around the country contain as many calories as a 12" pizza. 

Researchers viewed 240 wraps from 80 outlets across Ireland, and found that many have up to 1,000 calories as well as a high salt and fat content. 

According to the survey, one person in every three believes that a wrap is healthier than a normal sandwich, whereas a tortilla wrap contains just as many calories as two slices of white bread.

Chicken Salad, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Caeser Salad were three of the most popular fillings – but they also pack on the calories. 

If you opt for a Chicken Tikka wrap with crisps and a soft drink, you're looking at consuming 1,400 calories, which is 60 percent of a person's daily recommended intake. 

So if this has scared you a little (or a lot), Safe Food advise you to opt for lean meats and fish, fresh fruit, vegetables and cut back on any dressings!