Lady Gaga's beau, Taylor Kinney, is super set to star alongside the singer on TV after Gaga made her television debut as American Horror Story: Hotel's newest staple.

His own hit TV show Chicago Fire is premiering its fourth season tonight and E! News caught up with the hunky actor as he spilled the beans on him and his fiancée working together. 

"I would love doing something with her," Taylor told E! News.

"I met working with her. I don't know that we've done anything workwise since. I wouldn't put that out of the realm of possibilities." 

America's fiercest fiancés first met in 2011 on the set of Lady Gaga's You and I music video, so it only seems fitting that they're now both getting screen time at the same time. 

Taylor even had a possible name in mind for his future project with his leading lady. "The Nuptials," he suggested.

And while it's unclear if that means he'll spin his wedding for some inspiration or whether he'll actually broadcast his wedding live, we know we'd be tuning in either way. 

Mr Kinney even revealed that helping Gaga prepare for her newest venture as The Countess Elizabeth, helped him to strengthen his own acting.

"I just wanted to help my girl prepare the best that she could, so that in itself has helped me just kind of…get immersed in it, in the work, and that translates…the more you talk about it, the more you do it, that stays with you."