Muggles can now play their very own Harry Potter game, but it's nothing like wizard's chess. 

Online HP store Forbidden Forest Crafts have created a new game, which follows the same format as Cards Against Humanity.

The infamous game involves players completing fill-in-the-blank statements and prompt cards to create sentences, usually culminating in ridiculous and absurd statements. 

The game is perfect for major Potter heads, who know the ins and outs of the books and movies like the back of their muggle hands. 

The game creators leaked a few teaser cards from the deck, with one prompt card reading: “After months of practising magic, I think I’m finally ready for …..”

And the answer options: "Random red-headed splinched twat floating in the Room of Requirement" and "Having to explain to Madam Pomfrey why you used Engorgio on your d***." Too funny. 

We'd love to get our hands on the game, but unfortunately, the Cards Against Muggles box set is currently sold out.

Hopefully the creators get some more sets produced ASAP.