It's International Women's Dya and what better way top celebrate that then by cheering on Marvel's FIRST ever female superhero?

Yep, it's happening and it's not a moment too soon.


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So grab your pals and head to ODEON cinemas to enjoy a kick-ass flick led by the amazing Brie Larson.

Marvels first female superhero, Captain Marvel is hitting the screen at ODEON's to its 11 cinemas nationwide  on March 8. 

The Marvel blockbuster stars Brie Larson as an ex-pilot who after an accident gains superpowers and joins an intergalactic team called Starforce.

Brie Larson said, “It’s so interesting, as it’s not something I thought about until I was in the cinema watching Wonder Woman. About two minutes in, I was sobbing and thought, 'Why am I crying so much over this?'''

She continued, ''But it was seeing all of these warrior women who were so self-sufficient. That wasn’t something I identified with growing up – my hero was Indiana Jones. To have the chance to be one example of this is powerful and exciting.''

Our plans for this evening are definitely sorted – Happy International Women's Day one and all.