Did you know who Bug Hall is? If you don’t right now, you definitely did in 1994. Consider this one of the best Throwback Thursday posts since Harvey Kinkle started wearing glasses. Alfalfa of The Little Rascals has transformed since we last saw him. Now he’s a flannel wearing wood chopping and fully bearded man.

Capable of assembling a home in the woods with his bare hands, this guy knows how to rock some serious outer wear. Who knew a thermal beanie could look so good. We didn’t, but Bug has enlightened us with his recent Twitter posts.

He got such an intense response from his Twitter followers that Buzzfeed have even labelled the actor ‘lumbersexual’. He responded with a fabulous NYC themed tweet.

Gone are the days of bow ties and formal wear for casual rowing dates, Bug is all about his outdoorsy, very masculine lifestyle now. No more pointy-hair days for this guy anymore.

We are really fine with that.

His on screen appearances included CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The O.C and Nikita. He is also set to appear in Body High to be released this year. He did take a trip back to his early claim to fame in 2014 when he appeared in The Little Rascals Save the Day in 2014.

Oh! Just in case you thought it couldn’t get any better, he is also a musician. He’s pretty good too. We wonder if Bug and Nate might get together for a collaboration any time soon?