Throwback alert: Harvey Kinkle has CERTAINLY changed

Remember Harvey Kinkle?

The love interest of Sabrina from one of our favourite TV shows has changed a lot since we last saw him.

More's the pity: the teenage heart throb was pretty much all of our teenage boyfriend goals with that ridiculous wind-swept hair.

Harvey’s actual name is Nate Richert (he'll always be Harvey to us) and since the show ended in 2003, and since then he’s changed. Really changed.

Now 37 (wtf??), Nate left the show after the fourth season before they brought his character back as series regular for the fifth season. He faced some serious competition for Sabrina’s affections, there was a lot of Team Harvey Vs Team Josh being thrown around back then.

Instead of continuing with his acting career, Nate opted to go down a different path. He decided to pursue a career in “eclectic” and “vintage” music, debuting his solo album Halogen Moon in 2012. He’s also appeared in some comedy sketches.

Naturally, he was then sporting a very hipster beanie and beard combination. We had to process that first, and to be honest, it wasn’t that hard. He still looked great.

However, he has undergone yet another transformation, and this time there is certainly no beard to be seen.

It’s been 12 years so things were bound to change eventually, right? That windswept hair wasn’t going to be forever flowing and glorious, but we were still hoping.

We preferred the beanie, but if he’s happy, we can be happy too. And to reiterate: he will always be Harvey in our minds.