One Direction member Louis found himself at the centre of the media circus this summer when it was revealed that he is going to be a dad.

However, he may have just found himself upstaged and not by his own child, although we don’t doubt that could eventually happen. This time it’s his sister who has caught everyone’s attention.


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Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Tomlinson turned 17 last month and has spent much of the last year on tour with her brother’s band. Working as an assistant to the boys’ hair and make-up team, it looks like all that practice is paying off.

In the last week, the beauty obsessed teenager has started her own YouTube channel and is posting video tutorials. So far she has two. One of them is achieve a ‘Mermaid Lip’ look while the other is for ‘Glitter Lips’.


A photo posted by Lottie Tomlinson (@lottietommo123) on

While her YouTube fans continue to grow in numbers, her Instagram account has already amassed over 1.5 million followers.

Not surprising seeing as she’s been learning from hair and makeup guru to 1D Lou Teasdale and has had plenty of opportunity to get practice in. A video her doing Sophia Smith’s makeup generated some buzz a while back. Liam Payne's girlfriend uploaded the video to her own channel for the public to see.  So it’s no surprise she’s decided to take the leap and start her own channel.

Never one to turn down the opportunity for a good selfie, Lottie is also no stranger to the negative side of fame either.

Last month she faced serious backlash after a video emerged of her rapping a song that contained a racial slur. One Direction fans were quick to defend her, but much controversy surrounded the video and Lottie.