Make-up is not that tricky but many (many!) ladies still manage to get it wrong.

Rather than piling any old colour onto your face, you should use a combination of subtle tones that match your colouring and enhance your beauty.

Neutral beige is the colour to go for. Pick up one with a rose tint if you are prone to tired skin or one with a slight yellowish tinge to hide skin blotches.

Eye make-up
When using eye shadow, stick to browns and greys. If you have blue eyes go for greyish light purple hues or if you have green eyes pick a camel-beige or a mossy green.

Lip colour
Most brunettes can carry off the red lip with no problem so go as bright as you want. However, if you’re not brave enough to go for the bright red, stick to plum colours or brownish pinks.

Rose shades look perfect on brunettes but stay clear of peach hues which can make you look older. A light bronzer also works but use it sparingly.

Don’t worry, we’ll do tips for blondes too!