Fine hair ladies, we feel for you. 

No matter what you do to it or how you style it, thirty seconds later it falls limp again. Sigh.

Well, all that's about to change!

Woman's Health visited Drybar in New York City to learn a lesson about blowing out fine hair and we have all the top tips from their visit!

Read on to achieve big, voluminous hair! 

After washing, apply an egg-sized dollop of mousse into your hair, including the roots to add extra volume. Don't worry about using it all over, it won't appear greasy afterwards. 

Next, use a detangler brush to distribute the mousse evenly. Remember to always brush AFTER you put in the product. 

When you're happy with the last step, roughly dry your hair at the root to get most of the moisture out. Then flip your hair down while you dry it for even more volume. 

Next, when your hair is about half-dry, separate it using clips. Divide the front of your hair into two parts and clip back the rest. 

Then use a round ceramic brush to give your hair that last little bit of oomph. 

Wrap your hair from tip to root around the circular brush, for a fabulous, bouncy blow dry. 

Make sure that all your hair is dry! You don't want one wet piece to bring down the rest!