We are trying to think of reasons why you would want to make a cocktail that included bitters made from your own tears. 

Perhaps you want to get revenge on someone who made you cry? Or maybe you think it would make a nice gift? Or possibly you just want to know what your tears would taste like in an alcoholic beverage?

Whatever the reason, the fact is that you CAN make your tears into your own concoction of choice. 

A London art studio and foodie paradise is hosting a workshop in which you will learn how to infuse your own tears into cocktail bitters. 

And we are not kidding. 

"Having difficulty thinking of a present for your friend or lover who has everything? What could be more meaningful than the gift of you…” says Bompas and Parr's event description. 

“Arguably the most poignant and personal Christmas gift imaginable, the bitter tears will be delicious as well as a decadent gift.”

Good to know they will be delicious. 

If the thought alone of weeping in front of a group of strangers isn't enough to make you cry, the class will be using menthol to induce the tears. 

Following this substantially awkward process, the participants will be able to choose from different herbs and spices to infuse the tears with flavour before it is mixed with pure alcohol to produce bitters. 

The workshop takes place on December 15 but before you book your flights to London, we hate to inform it is in fact sold out. 

We suggest weeping into a mojito for a similar effect.