If you're a sarcastic person then you know the struggle is real when trying to take the mick via text.

Many of your jokes are misinterpreted and if you're angry at someone, texting them can be mega confusing.

But, the app has now made a few changes that will help you along the way to being the sarcastic queen you really are.

Instead of writing (jeez, I'm being sarcastic) after every single joke, you'll be able to italicise, bold and strikethrough your words. Yay!

All you need to do is update the app and then add the new formatting to your messages.

For example, if you want to bold, put an asterisks on either side of the word (*slay* = slay). For italics, you will need to put an underscore on either side (_lovely_ = lovely) and if you want to strikethrough, just put an ~ on both sides (~basic~ = basic).

So there you go, you can be the lovely sarcastic person you really are now.