At this point we all know that Kylie Jenner is pretty much the queen of social media. We have even heard rumours of people joining Snapchat for no other reason than to keep up with the youngest Kardashian.

Which is hilarious because there is already an Instagram account dedicated to nothing else but the 18-year old’s Snapchat videos anyway.

You would think that considering Kylizzle herself posts several times a day on her own Instagram account that her 43.1million followers would be up to date with her every move.

You would be wrong. Somehow we managed to miss that time Kylie was conducting scientific experiments in her Calabasas mansion. 

Did you know she is also a fan of voodoo? Someone better let Tyga know, or are they a couple again

Kylie also enjoys crafting. She’s a huge pottery fan. 

The teenager is also quite the craftswoman.

Here she is putting in a new brick wall to increase the property value of her new mega-mansion: 

Surprising no one, Kylizzle revealed once that she is an expert level crossword fan. 

The @kyliejennerdoesstuff parody account is run by actor Ben Siemon. He is a member of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in LA, a comedy group where he spends most of his time “playing sassy women characters.”

According to his Tumblr account he also enjoys badly Photoshopped images. We, however, are not complaining.