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We think we have everything together.

We shower regularly. Clean the places that need to be clean. Prep, prime, shave, wax. What more could we do?

But did you know there's a body part that nobody pays attention to? Can you guess what it is?

We're talking about the belly button, people.

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Yep, according to Teen Vogue, we don't wash them near enough as we're supposed to.

Experts say that we should be gently cleaning our belly buttons (medical name, umbilicus) daily.

Professor of dermatology, Jessica J. Krant, said that cleaning it "gently with soapy water and hands only," is the only way to go.

"Your belly button should be cleaned daily in the shower just like your other skin. That is sufficient for most people.

"Depending on the shape of your belly button, you may need to gently clean with a cotton swab soaked in gentle soap or rubbing alcohol."

And if you have your belly button pierced, be extra careful because it's open to contracting even more germs and infections.

Basically guys, just wash your belly button.


When it comes to looking after ourselves, we tend to focus on specific areas (feet, hands, face etc!)



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However, there is one part of the body we really should focus on, but most of us tend to completely forget it's even there. 

Enter: the belly button.


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Dr. Susan Bard of Sadick Dermatology recently spoke to Teen Vogue about that little dimple in the middle of our stomachs.


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“The navel is an occluded are where skin rests on skin creating a dark moist environment in which bacteria and yeast can breed and can become a cesspool for microbes if not properly maintained,” she said.

“If bacteria and yeast are allowed to breed it can lead to foul odor and even infection”… gross. 


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The good doctor recommends that we clean our belly buttons on a daily basis, “ in the shower with gentle soap and water”.  

Noted and stored, Doc!