Actress Rose McGowan was left shaken after an unprovoked attack at a restaurant in New York over the weekend.

The Charmed star was dining at Bar Pitti, a favourite with celebs including Beyoncé and Jay-Z, when an unidentified man climbed out of a pavement grate and threw a red smoke bomb into the building. 

The suspect, described as a blond man in his thirties, reportedly fled after throwing the bomb and has yet to be apprehended by police. 

Luckily nobody was harmed,  even though the bomb landed directly on an outdoor table. Rose herself took to Twitter to express her shock:

Her fans were quick to respond, with messages like "Wow, hope you and everyone else there is okay." and "How are your eyes now? Take care!"

One onlooker at the restaurant described the incident as "pretty scary," saying "I saw something get thrown right into the front door and red smoke started pouring out. The waiters looked really shocked… People started panicking, but as it dispersed, some started taking pictures."