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Girls was literally a show that spoke to us like no other.

It wasn't about the glitz and glam of living on the Upper East Side or trying to get boys from The OC to like us, it was about real-life ups and downs and showed us that our lives don't have to be perfect all of the time.

So after six seasons, it'll be sad to see it leave our TV screens.


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But one person that is particularly upset about the departure is Allison Williams who played Marnie on the show.

She took to Instagram today to share an emotional goodbye.

"Marnie has officially gone wherever all characters go when we stop watching them. And I couldn't feel luckier that I got to play her.

"This lady, @lenadunham, gave me everything. She gave me the most incredible challenges and adventures and the opportunity to know and love our GIRLS family.

"She also gave me her fierce friendship, wit, love, and loyalty, all while making me giggle on a constant basis.

"Sitting next to Lena while being directed by @jennikonner, it all felt completely right. Then I immediately burst into some pretty rare tears, because it hit me that I don't know what my adult life looks like without Girls."

No… We didn't shed a tear…


Just days after returning from her "heavenly" Italian honeymoon with new husband Ricky Van Veen, actress Allison Williams got back to reality last week.

The Girls star was pictured walking her dog Moxie in New York – flashing some new bling thanks to her recent wedding.

With her platinum engagement band turned inward, Allison's sleek diamond eternity ring was clearly visible, set off perfectly by a bright red autumn manicure.


Allison and College Humor founder Ricky tied the knot in Saratoga, Wyoming, last month, with the bride in a stunning custom-made Oscar de la Renta gown.

In order to throw paps off the scent and give the couple some privacy on their big day, a second decoy wedding site was set up a few miles away from the actual venue at Brush Creek Ranch.


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Allison and Ricky's 200-strong guest list included Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Katy Perry, John Mayer and Diane Von Furstenberg, with many guests flying to LA together the next morning for the Emmys.

Tom Hanks was even on hand to officiate the ceremony for Allison and Ricky, who met back in 2011.


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After celebrating with family and friends, the newlyweds headed off to Portofino, Italy for their honeymoon, with Allison posting this gorgeous snap shortly after their return to the US.

"Honeymoon was Heavenly and I'm Happy to be Home," she wrote alongside the photo of herself posing against a beautiful moonlit backdrop.


Honeymoon was Heavenly & I'm Happy to be Home

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We have serious life envy right now.


Allison Williams is the latest in a string of celebrity couples to pull off a top secret wedding this year… and we have to say, she did a very good job.

Even Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had a few paparazzi present at their July nuptials, despite going to excessive measures to keep things under wraps.

So how did Allison and her new husband, College Humor founder Ricky Van Veen, manage to get married in (relative) peace last Saturday? By setting up a decoy venue, of course.


9.19.15 Dress by @oscarprgirl Photo by @christianothstudio

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News of Allison and Ricky's wedding plans leaked to the press last week, but even guests themselves weren't certain of the location until the last minute.

All attendees were told to fly into Denver, a 3.5 hour drive from the wedding's actual location at Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming.

In order to throw paps off the scent, a second decoy site was set up a few miles away by Allison's wedding planners, Rafanelli Events.

The high-end company also organised the weddings of both Chelsea Clinton and Matt Damon, so they're no strangers to A-list events.

Allison and Ricky's star-studded guest list reportedly included Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Katy Perry, John Mayer and Diane Von Furstenberg, with many guests flying to LA together the next morning for the Emmys.

Also present were Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, who plays Allison's on-screen mother in Girls. Tom even officiated the ceremony for the happy couple – how cool?!

Allison was walked down the aisle by her news anchor father Brian Williams, who recently returned to NBC following a suspension for reportedly fabricating a story about his experience in Iraq in 2003.

The Peter Pan actress admitted earlier this year that "current events" had forced her and Ricky to put their wedding plans on hold, something many took to be a reference to her father's suspension.



Anyone who watches Girls may look at star Allison Williams and wonder exactly what it takes to look so darn pretty all of the time.

Well, while the actress certainly is a natural beauty, she revealed the precise detail behind her onscreen transformation into Marnie Michaels this weekend.

The 27-year-old took to her Instagram account to share a photo of her face with half of her character makeup on, and the other half bare.

“Took half my makeup off. Guess why Marnie might have this insane look?” wrote the star, sharing a unique before and after comparison.


Took half my makeup off. Guess why Marnie might have this insane look? #90sLips #Season5

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In a world of filters and elaborate makeup selfies, Allison’s post is very refreshing; and a number of her followers took to the photo-blogging site to applaud the move.

“Love this! Love her. Wonder what’s gonna be up with Marnie?” wrote one Instagram follower.

Meanwhile, another user echoed the sentiments of so many other followers as she wrote: “Way prettier without all that makeup.”

We think Allison is fabulous and beautiful either way. Can you tell that we kind of love her?



Allison Williams has revealed that her wedding plans are off for the moment. While the Girls actress still plans on marrying her fiancé, Ricky Van Veen at some point, for the moment family matters are her priority.

Allison’s dad is veteran NBC news anchor Brian Williams who has involved in a scandal over the past month regarding facts he reported back in 2003 while covering events in Iraq.

The actress conducted a Q&A session in New York recently where she told host Seth Myers the disappointing news of her wedding:

“It’s been a full year … You sort of think, ‘What could possibly come along that would make me not think about [my wedding]? And then I get Peter Pan and I think ‘okay I will think only about Neverland and then we’ll go back to planning our wedding. And then current events started happening and so that derailed it a little bit. It’s just something we haven’t focused on.”

Thankfully, despite the delay, Allison says she is very much looking forward to tying the knot with her fiancé of one year: “Spoiler alert, we are excited!”

Allison, who plays the role of Marnie in the popular show also spoke highly of her dad: 

“This has been a really hard time. One thing this experience has not done is shake my trust and belief in him as a man. He’s a really good man, an honest man, a truthful man – he has so much integrity and so much respect for journalism. And yes he’s a really good dad. I know you can trust him because, as any good daughter does, I’ve tested him on that.”

So it looks as if the wedding plans are off…for the moment at least. One thing is for sure – we can't wait to see this girl's wedding dress! 



Zosia Mamet, AKA the whirlwind that is Shoshanna Shapiro on HBO’s hit series Girls, has followed Lena Dunham’s lead and dyed her hair blonde!

The actress cut her brown locks into a sleek bob back in January, but was obviously inspired by co-star Lena Dunham and decided that blondes really do have more fun! Lena seems to be a fairly easy going individual, so we don’t think the pair will be falling out over their shared hairstyle. Besides, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

​Zosia isn’t the only Girls actress to get a make-over either. The first photos of Allison Williams playing Peter Pan show her with a VERY short new hair-do!

However, Allison’s new look is (thankfully!) just a wig – though she did say she would cut her hair for the part: “I was all ready to cut my hair, then was told by the folks who actually know what they're doing that a wig works better for everybody. So, December 4th, here we come. #wiglife #peterpanlive #nbc"

Producers of Peter Pan Live! have said that Allison was a “major find” for the role: “She will reinvent the iconic role of Peter Pan with her wit, her warmth, her dynamic flying and her wonderful musical abilities. The score will be sung beautifully and introduced to a whole new generation of families.”

We might just have to tune in – though we’re finding it hard to imagine Allison singing anything other the song from Marnie's cringy music video in Girls!




This is one of the sweetest things we have ever seen!

Brian Williams, newsreader for NBC Nightly News, had the special job of announcing his own daughter’s appointment as Peter Pan in the upcoming musical, Peter Pan Live!

Watch as the proud dad says he and the family look forward to “seeing her fly”!

Someone pass us a tissue, this is too cute!