Star of Girls says GOODBYE to the show and her BFF Lena Dunham

Girls was literally a show that spoke to us like no other.

It wasn't about the glitz and glam of living on the Upper East Side or trying to get boys from The OC to like us, it was about real-life ups and downs and showed us that our lives don't have to be perfect all of the time.

So after six seasons, it'll be sad to see it leave our TV screens.


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But one person that is particularly upset about the departure is Allison Williams who played Marnie on the show.

She took to Instagram today to share an emotional goodbye.

"Marnie has officially gone wherever all characters go when we stop watching them. And I couldn't feel luckier that I got to play her.

"This lady, @lenadunham, gave me everything. She gave me the most incredible challenges and adventures and the opportunity to know and love our GIRLS family.

"She also gave me her fierce friendship, wit, love, and loyalty, all while making me giggle on a constant basis.

"Sitting next to Lena while being directed by @jennikonner, it all felt completely right. Then I immediately burst into some pretty rare tears, because it hit me that I don't know what my adult life looks like without Girls."

No… We didn't shed a tear…