A writer from Hackney in London recently took to Twitter to reveal that he had been forbidden from adopting a cat due to his sexual orientation.

On Tuesday, Alex Andreou explained that he had travelled two hours through the city in an effort to re-home a cat only to be told that the person he was adopting the cat from 'strongly disagreed' with his lifestyle.

In a text exchange he uploaded to Twitter, Alex was grilled on his orientation, and was ultimately forced to ask whether being gay would be an issue.

"I am religious so I strongly disagree with the lifestyle. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings," replied the other person.

Appearing to take it on the chin, Alex responded: "Darling, I've been beaten and called a 'faggot' since I was 8. My feelings are quite robust. And, yes, sorry is precisely what you are."

Despite his succinct retort, Alex understandably felt deeply hurt by the person's attitude, telling Twitter, "So now I'm on the bus and I'm sobbing and people are staring at me because the truth is it hurts as much as when I was 8 years old."

Thankfully, the good people of London refused to let this incident pass without a happy ending, and set about contacting Alex in order to provide him with leads for other cats desperately in need of re-homing.

And as of yesterday morning, Alex is now the proud owner of two cats named George Meowchael-Andreou and Freddie Purrcury-Andreou.

"Hello Twitter. Here is your happy ending," Alex wrote in a post alongside two photos of his beautiful new pets.

"George and Freddie are part of a rescue litter. They're being neutered next Friday and will be in their new home with me shortly thereafter," Alex told his followers.

"Screw bigotry. Kindness wins. Over and out, Freddie, George, and Alex," he signed off.

We could not love this ending more.