Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) is calling on the Finance Minister to maintain the excise duties on alcohol in its pre-budget submission.

Ireland's consumption of drink is a shocking 80 percent above the global average, which is huge cause for concern according to the AAI. 

Alcohol Action Ireland CEO Sheila Gilheany says binge-drinking is causing an array of issues, mainly among young people. Ireland's 18 to 24-year-old age group are Europe's number one binge drinkers.

The submission claims that the nation's pattern of alcohol consumption is measured at 11 litres of alcohol being consumed per capita every year.

"This persistent high level of harmful drinking equates to 41 litres of gin/vodka, 116 bottles of wine or 445 pints of beer per person aged 15+," the report states.

Sheila Gilheany spoke on the matter: "That very heavy level of drinking leads to a lot of harm both to the individuals themselves and also in a wider capacity."

"There is a lot of other harm to families and to children. One-in-six children are living in homes which we would call 'alcohol impacted' families. There is a big burden on the workplace as well."

The AAI estimate that approximately 60,000 young people under the age of 18 will start drinking every year.

"For people who start drinking early, even greater harm is done to them as individuals," said Sheila Gilheany.

AAI said that excise duties on alcohol products have only changed three times since 2002 and has failed to keep up with the rate of inflation.

It renewed its calls for the establishment of a Social Responsibility Fund to invest in primary care psychology services in order to meet the needs of those impacted by parental alcohol misuse.