Givenchy are bringing out a limited edition Le Rouge lipstick, which will be encased in crocodile leather, and it’ll cost you $300!

The classic red shade is called Le Rouge shade 306, Carmin Escarpin, and apparently they’re only producing 3,000 of these super expensive lipsticks, which is just as well because we can’t imagine too many people will be forking out a month’s rent for a bit of lippy.

We wonder though, if it’s that expensive, will it stay on all night? Could this be ‘the one’?

Still, even if it stayed on for a week, we don’t know if we could justify such a big spend on something so small.

We might give Louboutin’s $50 nail polish a go though, if we found some cash lying around (as unlikely as that may be). We can kind of see the connection between Louboutin and nail polish too, as when he first started making shoes, he would paint the bottom of them in red polish, so at least there you’re getting an interesting fact as well as a pretty nails!

We think it’s safe to say, we won’t be one of the 3,000 sporting Carmin Escarpin lips this autumn!