Lindsay Lohan was left “shaken” after she was refused entry into not one, but TWO, New York nightclubs.

The troubled actress has been banned from a number of New York clubs, but she still tried to gain entry into two of them, 10ak and Up & Down. Not surprisingly, she was refused from both.

Even though “she stared the doorman down” she did not get in and “was definitely shaken up” by the ordeal. According to sources, the 27-year-old “looked really embarrassed” as she “turned away to her friends”. With Ryan Phillippe, Kate Upton and Paris Hilton in Up & Down at the time, we’d be embarrassed too.

The Mean Girls star had been banned from 10ak after she claimed one part of her $75,000 fur coat had been stolen at the venue, even though the club had insisted she hadn’t lost anything.

The coat had been found by Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice who took it home for safe keeping before Lindsay picked it up the next day.