Sweet job! Want to be a Doctor of Chocolate?

If you’re having a bit of a quarter-life crisis and wondering what to do with yourself, why not consider a new job? Specifically, a new job as a Doctor of Chocolate. Yes, you heard us. Doc of Choc.

Cambridge University is hiring someone for the unusual new post, starting next January. Unfortunately though, you’ll need to know a little more about chocolate than the merits of Golden Crisps versus Galaxy Honeycombs, or which Snack bar goes best with a cuppa.

The main focus of the job is to study how chocolate can be stored in warm climates… not quite Willy Wonka stuff, really.

While you will get to be around a lot of chocolate as part of the role, we’re not sure you’d actually get to eat any of it. Also, the job is for PhD students only, so that does rule out some of the chocolate fiends among us.

We really had our hopes up for a while! Hopefully Cambridge will let us know if their research project requires any chocolate tasters down the line… That is a role we would be more than qualified for!