Sunshine Sunday recipes: Strawberry-mint sorbet

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There are few things we love more than sitting out on a sunny afternoon, book in hand, ice cold drink in the other and our sunnies on. It’s that peak summer feeling, of having nowhere to go and no obligation except to sit there, soak up the sunshine and take some time for yourself.

And what better snack to go with this feeling than light, refreshing and delicious strawberry sorbet?

red strawberries on white ceramic plate

You’ll need…

500g strawberries

1 lemon

7-8 mint leaves

3tbsp honey

Wash and cut the top off your strawberries. Halve them – or quarter them if they’re especially large.

Place in the blender.

Cut your lemon in half and juice it, removing the pips and saving the juice. Pour it into the blender.

Spoon in your 3tbsp of honey.

Chop up your mint leave and add them in too. Blend together for 1 minute, making sure it’s fully blended with no chunks.

Pour into a long deep container, like a lunchbox or bread baking tray.

Place in the freezer, on a level, for an hour and a half. Check on it, and the top layer should be frozen. Break the top layer, and mix the liquid and frozen parts, stirring it up before smoothing it over again.

Freeze for a further 3-4 hours, before serving up with a sprig of mint in the sunshine. Refreshing and summery!

Easy Strawberry Sorbet - Recipe Girl

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