Stylish wardrobe essentials for the Irish woman


Let’s face it, Ireland is a country in which any stylish woman must be prepared.

On any given day from summer to winter it could rain, hail, snow or be so windy we lose our new fedoras. Here are some staples for your wardrobe that should cover you for any weather.

1. A cute raincoat
This one isn’t only for April showers, you’ll be packing it for all the summer festivals too. Mostly because your mother is forcing you to. But you’ll be thankful when the skies open!


Brave Soul Polka Dot Hooded Rain Coat from ASOS

2. A posh brolly
Every girl needs a good sturdy umbrella for those rainy days. Cath Kidston has the perfect collection, we love this one as it would totally keep our eye make-up intact!


Cath Kidston Big Spot Birdcage Umbrella

3. A warm jumper
This will come in handy even in summer as it is such a sweet colour but it will also keep you nice and cosy for those chillier days we are bound to encounter.


Zara Cable Stitch Oversize Sweater

4. A good, sturdy and most importantly, waterproof, pair of shoes
It may not even be raining but if the ground is wet you still need waterproof shoes. If your feet are cold, you’ll be cold.

asos boots
ASOS Edge of Reason Suede Ankle Boots

5. Scarves
Most, if not all, of Irish girls own a massive array of scarves. If our neck and chest are covered it’s like a nice toasty hug. Also there are just so many beautiful styles out there. This one is perfect for springtime.

scarfH&M Tube Scarf