Still looking for a partner? Online dating might be the answer


What was once laughed at by the traditional loved-up couple is now something that has become a growing trend.

It seems like online dating and using a matchmaking service to find a partner is getting more and more popular each day – so popular that by  2031, half of all couples will have met online.

Research by online dating site eHarmony thinks this is because more people are using mobile phones, giving them constant easy access to online sites.

Also, the number of people meeting the love of their lives in work or in college has dropped rapidly, with 6% less men and women finding interest in the people they see regularly.

In comparison to this, the number of people who find their other half online has trebled since 2008 – and still continues to rise.

So if you’re not having any luck with the people you see regularly, how about creating a profile on a dating site? You never know who you might meet…