Star’s ex opens up about their messy and painful break-up


We all know that break-ups are an awful thing to go through – but when you’ve been with the person for 12 whole years, it’s likely even harder. That’s longer than most Hollywood marriages after all! It’s only been a few months since Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels called time on their 12 year relationship – and it’s clear things are still very raw.

TMZ reporters spoke with the rapper’s ex on the street recently where he said that despite the Twitter war with Nicki, he will always care for her and calls her ‘family’. However, he also said it’s not easy for him at the moment as everywhere he turns his famous ex is there – which makes sense!

Safaree also called the bitter words on Twitter a ‘misunderstanding’ and said ‘it’s all love’ between them now, leading to speculation that the two have made up. While it seems unlikely they will get back together, it’s nice to hear that Safaree still considers Nicki family.