Starbucks is taking over yet another well-loved spot in Dublin


Listen, we only love an iced caramel macchiato on pay day, but sometimes Starbucks can be a bit of an overkill.

In the past few years they have been popping up on every street corner, and now, they're even settling down in small kiosks.

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Yep, the well known, and well loved coffee kiosk in Ballsbridge is being moved out and taken over by the super chain.

The Irish Times reports that the owners of the franchise, the Butler brothers, in Ireland paid €330,000 for the small hut that's located just beside Lansdowne Road.

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They outbid numerous other investors to take ownership of the tiny kiosk, otherwise known as the 'wardrobe at the end of the street'.

Brian Kenny was the previous coffee vendor in the small hut, and he told Liveline earlier this year that he was one month away from securing a permanent lease when he was told to move out.