Spinning Out is the one series you need to binge-watch this weekend

There are so many incredibly gripping series on Netflix, so why do I always re-watch Gilmore Girls? It’s my go-to show but I’ve promised myself to wave goodbye to Stars Hollow and start watching new series in 2020.

Over the Christmas break I binge-watched Spinning Out and you need to watch it too. The series has everything I could want and more- Effie from Skins, Prim from The Hunger Games, a troubled but charming male-lead and a cameo from Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness. It’s cheesy and dark and even tackles mental health in quite a raw and eye-opening way.

January Jones, Kaya Scodelario, Willow Shields, Evan Roderick, Sarah Wright, Will Kemp and Svetlana Efremova star in Spinning Out.

So, what is Spinning Out about?

The series follows ice-skater Kat who is struggling to regain her confidence on the ice after a bad fall landed her in hospital. Kat is ready to give up on her skating career until she meets Justin, the handsome figure-skater with a rich dad and chip on his shoulder.

Kat agrees to become Justin’s skating partner, but is it the right choice for the 21-year-old?

She is haunted by her accident, has a damaged relationship with her mum and has to try to manage her bipolar disorder and keep it a secret from the skating community.

Spinning Out addresses bi-polar disorder in a very intense way, which some viewers may find triggering, but it has sparked a conversation about the pressure young people are under. Kat’s fear of being exposed is so heartbreaking because there are so many people in similar situations, especially in the sports industry.

Netflix has yet to confirm if there will be a second season or not but there’s no doubt Spinning Out will return, especially after ending on such a cliffhanger.

You can watch season one of Spinning Out on Netflix now.