Spectacular outdoor hotels


If you ever fancied sleeping under the stars you definitely need to head to these places. They on’ come cheap but the views are beyond words.

L’Albereta, Italy
L’Albereta is located in the hills of Franciacorta in Northern Italy and the Cabriolet Suite is perfect to be at one with nature. The roof above the suite opens revealing Italy’s beautiful sky and is handy during the annual Perseid meteor shower

Loisaba, Kenya
This beautiful resort in Kenya has two sets if Star Beds each one over looking spectacular views. Each bed is partially covered with a thatched roof and up on stilts to really get a feel of Africa at night.

Amangiri, Utah
This is one of the best places to go if you are a keen star gazer. There are six Sky Terraces packed full of silk bedding and wool throws. Simply amazing!

outdoor hotels

L – r: L’Albereta, Italy; Loisaba, Kenya; Amangiri, Utah