Sorry, but Kim Kardashian’s dog deserves his own Instagram page

We hate to be that person chatting about Kim Kardashian's dog when there are greater issues in the world, but have you seen the thing? 

He's quite possibly the most perfect ball of floof we have ever laid eyes on. 

The pupper was purchased specifically for North West's birthday, after a source revealed to People that the four-year-old was missing 'having a baby in the family.'


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The puppy, a Pomeranian, is up there with the fluffiest things we've ever seen, and we kind of need Kim (or one of her entourage) to give him an Instagram page of his very own. 

With the success of pupper accounts like Doug the Pug and Marnie the Dog, we think North's little addition is destined for social media stardom. 

Kim took to Twitter to ask her fans to help her choose a name for the little guy. 

The options were Baby Jesus, Peaches, Sushi and Goldie. 

While Peaches ultimately came out tops in the poll, the Kardashian-Wests went rogue and opted for Sushi as the chosen name. 

Sushi the Pomeranian is the perfect name for a brand new Insta page…