Someone found a huge LIVE spider in their salad and no one can deal

A unsuspecting grocery shopper went to do their weekly shop in Australia this week but what she found in her mixed salad bag may have left her with little appetite. 

Zoe Perry had shopped in well known Australian supermarket chain, Woolworths, when she noticed something in her salad was literally moving when she got home. 

We would want our Italian Style Salad Mix to be fresh too, but this is taking the biscuit. 

Zoe took to Facebook to vent her horror at what she found and the video is quite literally the stuff of total nightmares. 

"Hi Woolworths, shopping as per usual for Italian Style Salad Mix….get it home….Mum goes to open the packet and we are greeted by…," read the post. 

The supermarket chain were quick to release a statement which they emailed to Mashable. 

"Woolworths takes food safety very seriously. We require our suppliers to follow clear quality control guidelines during food processing," read a statement made by the supermarket chain. 

"Pre-packaged lettuce goes through an extensive process before being packaged. Our suppliers wash, blow dry, shake and visually inspect the lettuce.

"We immediately sent a food quality expert to the processing facility to see what additional measures can be put in place."

That's all well and good Woolworths, but how will you rectify our trauma whenever we open a fresh bag of lettuce?