So Taylor Swift’s girl squad hit Kim up after she outed Tay on Snapchat


One of the biggest celeb showdowns this year was Kanye West and Taylor Swift's fued.

When Kanye's song Famous came out and the lyrics "I made that b*tch famous" were included, Tay Tay seems outraged that he didn't tell her about it.

THEN Kimmy K outed Taylor by sharing a video on Snapchat of her hubby ringing Ms Swift to talk about the lyrics, which the Bad Blood singer said she was totally cool with.


Now, Taylor seems to have a pretty solid girl squad but in Kim's latest interview with Wonderland magazine, she let slip that the blonde beauty's friends text her afterwards.

Kim told the mag: "I never publicly talk bad about people. I still don't feel like I have. I'm being honest. I'm a fan. I like her music. There was no shade.

"Girls in her squad hit me up on text."

Kim indicated that the squad had no problems with her, even siding with the reality star on the debate.

The mum-of-two didn't reveal which ladies text her, but saying that, Tay has a loooong list of friends.