Six ways our love life just isn’t like the movies!


No matter how perfect (or not) your dating life is, it's just never going to be at a rom-com standard.

There's no soundtrack, for one, and unless you're extremely lucky you're probably not going to bump into Channing Tatum while walking down O'Connell St. 

We love a good romantic film, especially now that Valentine's Day is drawing near, but at the end of the day much of what's portrayed is totally unrealistic.

Here are just six of the many, many ways our love life doesn't resemble a Hollywood blockbuster…

1. There's no dramatic first meeting
Meeting at Coppers is not exactly the same as him convincing you not to jump off a ship into the freezing Atlantic Ocean.

2. If you hate someone, chances are you won't end up falling in love with them
Unless they REALLY change their commitment-phobic/arrogant/tactless ways.

3. That last-minute airport dash to tell someone you love them never seems convenient
Though we were totally rooting for Sam in Love Actually!

4. Kissing is the rain is NOT romantic
It's freezing cold, the wind is smacking us in the face and you want a SHIFT? G'way outta that.

5. The first time the two of you have sex is rarely amazing
It's either drunken or very awkward, let's be honest.

6. Even if you dramatically change your hair and clothes, he probably won't notice
That "big reveal" never quite works the same in real life as it does in the movies…