Six reasons why travellers end up missing their flight


Missing a flight has got to be one of the worst things to happen but unfortunately, it is usually your own fault…

Misreading your flight times

This is an easy mistake to make – not everyone knows how to read a 24 hour clock…

Traffic delays

You should always factor traffic into your journey to the airport.

Forgetting your passport

Well, now this is just being careless.

Staying too long in the bar after security

The first thing you do after going through security is to hit the bar, sure what else would be doing. Unfortunately, some people can get a little too comfy and end up missing their flight.

Forgetting to factor in security

Seriously you should know by now that security takes a long time, especially when certain travellers insist on not putting their cosmetics into plastic bags- seriously people.

Sleeping in

What do airlines expect, the cheap flights are always at a ridiculous hour.