Six annoying questions every vegetarian must deal with!

Whether the reason behind your choice to go vegetarian, it can be hard sometimes to explain your decision to other people.

We know being veggie can make certain things a little more complicated – your Granny will still try to force that Shepherd’s Pie on you every time you visit – but it can be so worth it, too.

Just be prepared for one of the following questions every time you dine out…

1. “But have you actually even TRIED meat?”

Whether you have or you haven’t is beside the point. What this question really means is, “why are you being so awkward?!”

2. “You’re really pale… you must be low in iron.”

Nope, I’m just Irish, thanks. Spinach and other leafy green veg are amazing sources of iron, but the general consensus is that without red meat, you might as well call yourself anaemic and be done with it.

3. “Oh… you eat fish though, right?”

This one’s usually asked just before someone serves you up a big plate of seafood at a dinner party. Awkward. Another delicious meal of sliced pan and lettuce it is, so.

4. “But do you not get bored only eating vegetables?”

Vegetables… and soups… and curries… and chilli… and casserole… and lasagne…

5. “You can just peel the pepperoni off this pizza, it’ll be grand.”

Really? REALLY?!

6. “You probably can’t have this. It has dairy in it.”

Wait, no! I’m not vegan! Gimme the cake. Gimme!