Singer blasts her ex and the media in epic Twitter rant


Iggy Azalea is not a happy camper.

While we’re still getting over the shock of finding out about the (false) marriage claim by her former manager, Hefe Wine, the Work singer is making her feelings about the story known!

Having since denied the claims that she is married, Iggy went on to blast Wine and entertainment website TMZ for spreading the story.

Iggy took to Twitter to share her feelings on the matter, writing; “TMZ just asked me at the airport if I think my 'common law marriage' claim is a money grab. Yes, but it’s TMZ’s money he’s [Wine] grabbing. Lol."

But she didn’t hide her anger either, adding: “Press don’t care that a story is clearly false, they just want you to click it. So they’re happy to pay, and this person continues to make $.”

Iggy finished her rant by tweeting: “The whole cycle is stupid and a waste of my time.”

TMZ broke the story this morning, in which Wine claimed that he intended to divorce Iggy – and pocket the cash that would inevitably come with such a legal action.

Well, Iggy has put Wine – and TMZ – firmly in their place!