Sinead O’Connor got VERY vocal about Kim Kardashian


Sinead O’Connor is the latest person to speak out about her unhappiness that Kim Kardashian featured on this month’s cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

As we previously reported, a lot of people were deeply disappointed that the legendary magazine chose to give their most iconic and coveted spot to the reality TV star.

But it would appear that Ms O’Connor is the most displeased of the bunch.

Taking to Facebook once again, the Irish singer asked, “What is this c*** doing on the cover of Rolling Stone?”

“Music has officially died,” she stated.

Similarly to the cover itself, Sinead’s post has garnered mixed reviews. While many seem to agree with her that Rolling Stone have let themselves and their fans down by putting Kimmy K on the cover, others don’t find it that surprising and think that the magazine regularly do features on people like her.

One Facebook user wrote, “It’s a pop magazine, I love you Sinead but Rolling Stone does not define good music or taste. Don’t give them so much credit. Every now and then they do something good, but in general, it’s always been what’s popular.”