Simstagram: The social media trend bringing Sims to our feeds

Social media is all about projecting your reality to the world, and usually in the most flattering light possible.

When the popular online game The Sims arrived via PC CD-ROM in the early noughties, the world at large lapped up the opportunity to essentially play God and control the virtual lives of their 2D creations.

Now, with the infiltration of social media ion all aspects of our lives, some Sims 4 fans have carefully curated Sim worlds and projected them into online society. 


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 #Simstagram is a steadily evolving Instagram hashtag, under which special 'Simsta' accounts upload images taken from their game's life. 

If you're not a Sims 4 geek, modifications are available for download online (at your own risk) which allow you to customise your creations within the game to the highest personalised degree. 

These Simsta accounts have used, and in some cases created and adapted, this software to create Instagram accounts with thousands of followers.


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There are even YouTube tutorials available online about how to create an amazing Simstagram. 

The online phenomenon is gaining popularity, with over 600,000 posts under the hashtag on Instagram, and it's easy to see why. 

Some of the accounts look exactly like those of our favourite influencers, showing off trendy outfits, flat lays and holidays snaps all created from within The Sims game. 


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Others tell the stories of their Sim's lives, taking us on a journey through their short 2D lives as they get married, have children, and work through social conflicts. 

The accounts truly are works of art, with the Sim personas clearly being of huge importance to the creators. 

It definitely puts us in the mood to dust off our old copy of the game and build a mansion of epic proportions (using motherlode, of course).

Feature image: Instagram / Simstagramr