Simple ways you can save your long-distance relationship this summer


What with J1s and travelling, sometimes couples just need to go their separate ways. But if the thought of dumping your beau is too much to handle, here are some ways you can make a long-distance relationship work for you:

1. Control that jealousy
So what, he is in a photo with a super hot blonde American girl in a bikini with an amazing tan and really white teeth…it means nothing.

Control2. Trust
Don’t listen to those negative thoughts – you know your boy better than anyone and you should trust him if he says it’s all gravy.

Trust3. Avoid drunken messages or phone calls
These are guaranteed to end in super awkward phone sex or a massive fight.

dd4. Phone sex
Do it sober and you’ll have nothing to cringe about. Well, you’ll have less to cringe about.

ffff5. Don’t post suggestive photos which look like you’re cheating
Don’t play games with Facebook. If you post a photo of yourself in a Dirty Dancing lift pose with that guy he hates, you’re gonna have a bad time.


6. Keep yourself busy
You probably miss your other half, but try to keep yourself occupied and you’ll be seeing your beau in no time!

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