Simon Cowell threatens ‘monster’ X Factor stars


As one of the most powerful men in the music industry, we wouldn’t want to mess with Simon Cowell.

Apparently, though, there are many who have done, and they can expect to be part of a major exposé that he is planning for next year.

Yes, the X Factor mogul has revealed that he is planning to write a tell-all book that will expose some of the nastier contestants for what they truly are.

The 55-year-old star told The Mirror: “I am writing one. I would write it myself, but I would work with someone. You’ve got to have someone, because someone has to do the research, but it would be my book.”

In a revelation that is sure to send chills down many X Factor contestants’ spines, Simon also threatened to tell all about the ‘monsters’ he has encountered during his time on the show.

“As someone has already hinted, by the final stage of the competition, monsters do emerge. We have had our fair share. That goes in the next book,” he said.

Who on earth could he be talking about?!