Shock split for reality TV star and boyfriend!


After Vicky Pattison admitted recently that one of the reasons she quit Geordie Shore was to spend more time with her boyfriend, James Morgan, we’re shocked to hear they have split!

The reality TV star told MailOnline that although they have pulled the plug on their relationship, they remain close: “He’s amazing and we still keep in touch but for now we’re done!”

Vicky was surprisingly honest about the break-up, saying to Now magazine that she needed to take this time to concentrate on her career: “I’m so busy and neurotic that we no longer complement each other. This is a pivotal point in my career and if I don’t strike while the iron’s hot, someone else will leave Geordie Shore or TOWIE and take my opportunites.”

Sadly though, she adds that she does miss James: “I miss him so much. He’s a lovely lad, was a great boyfriend … but I need to give him some space.”

Hopefully these two may reunite in the future seeing as Vicky feels so strongly about him still – they were cute together!