Shock early departure from Celebrity Big Brother house!


It certainly is a dramatic year for the comings and goings of the Celebrity Big Brother contestants!

With Jeremy Jackson having recently been removed from the famous house, it has now just been announced that Alexander O' Neal has made an early exit through the famous doors as well!

The R&B singer was recently caught up in a vicious war-of-words with celeb blogger, Perez Hilton, after it appeared the controversial character was attempting to draw the 61-year-old singer into an argument by repeatedly blowing him kisses.

In an ill-advised move, Alexander used homophobic language towards Perez and was subsequently called to the diary room and warned about his 'unacceptable' language.

Whether Alexander's premature split from the house has anything to do with that emotional blow-out, we're not sure, but Channel 5 aren't doing much to clarify the situation, simply stating: "Alexander O' Neal has chosen to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house."

Well, that's that then!