Star opens up about terrifying attack in her teens

Glamour model, Chloe Goodman, has decided to speak up about the recent Celebrity Big Brother scandal which saw the removal of Jeremy Jackson from the famous reality TV house.

Jeremy, a former Baywatch star, pulled open 21-year-old Chloe's bathrobe in an -ill-advised move which left the young model in a very distressed state and saw Jeremy lose out on his chance of winning the long-running television show.

Anyone who thought Chloe's reaction was over-the-top or the response of Celebrity Big Brother officials was unnecessarily strict may be forced to revise their opinion following the young model's recent upsetting disclosure.

Opening up about a traumatic incident from her past, in which a photographer tried to force her to pose in 'disgusting' positions, the young model said: "Anyone who says I overreacted doesn't know what it's like to be powerless at the hands of a man. I was absolutely terrified and it brought all those powerful memories back."

Recalling the shocking event which took place when Chloe was 18-years-old, the model said: "I was absolutely stunned. I didn't know what to do."

Jeremy has since recognised the severity of his actions and has been seen pleading with Chloe's sister Lauryn for forgiveness.