Kris reveals Kim’s craving… ‘She probably shouldn’t eat too many’

She is determined to have a healthy pregnancy this time around.

Indeed, Kim Kardashian admits now that while pregnant with her daughter in 2013, she piled on the pounds.

It is something which she says contributed to her developing preeclampsia, and to the early arrival of North five weeks before her due-date.

So understandably, the reality TV star, currently expecting her second child, has hired a dietician – replacing her donut habit with plenty of freshly-prepared food.

Still, while promoting her new cookbook In The Kitchen With Kris, momager Kris Jenner revealed that her second eldest daughter is nevertheless indulging in occasional sweet treats.

“She like sweets right now,” Jenner, 59, told “She probably shouldn’t eat too many sweets… but she loves all my desserts.”

The 59-year-old also said that her entire family have their personal favourite when it comes to their mum's home cooking.

“I know that every time Kendall comes home from being away from her modelling – she’ll be gone two to three months at a time – she will literally text me when she lands saying, ‘Can you make me the tomato basil pasta, can you make me this, can you make that?’”