Seven reasons a broken heart might be the best thing for you!

After a bad break-up, it can feel like you’ll never be okay again.

All you want to do is lie in bed, eat junk and forget everything. At those low points though, it’s important to realise that you won’t feel like this forever. With time – and a little perspective – you will come out the other end.

And in some ways, though it mightn’t seem possible right now, you’ll realise that maybe the new you isn’t all bad.

Here are just some of the reasons your broken heart might be just what you need…

1. You’ll be more grateful
Be it one, two, or ten years down the line, some day you will look back and realise that your life wouldn’t be the way it was now without some bumps along the way. Be it the people you meet, your career path, your future love life – everything that happens is shaped by the decisions you make along the way. Your relationship’s end may have opened doors that you didn’t even realise were there.

2. It’s a shake-up
It’s easy to fall into a rut and miss exactly what’s happening in front of your nose. But by being brave and taking the leap to end things – whether it was your decision or not – you may realise that your situation wasn’t quite as rosy as you thought. You only deserve the best and shouldn’t be held back by a relationship that’s not working out.

3. It makes you see what you really want in life
Maybe you would have gone for that promotion two years ago, except that it involved too much travel. Or maybe you would have moved away from your home town long before now. In a relationship we have to make sacrifices for the other person – that’s a natural part of long-term commitment. Embrace the fact that you’re free to make your own decisions now – go forge your own path.

4. You’ll see how much other love there is in your life
When we’re at our lowest, good friends and family are the ones that can help us pull through. Be grateful for the love you have in your life – and let others look after you for a while.

5. You’ll gain independence
Whether you like it or not, breaking up with your partner means that you’re on your own in many ways. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Knowing that you can look after yourself means you’ll go into your next relationship with your eyes wide open. It’s amazing how far we can push ourselves when we have no other choice!

6. You’ll learn to live in the now
If there’s one thing a break-up teaches you, it’s that you can’t change the past, and you most definitely can’t change the future, either. Whether you two patch things up down the line or whether this truly is the end, a broken heart teaches you to be patient and to accept things as they come.

7. You know what love is
True love, and all the ups and downs that come with it, is one of the most important experiences we can ever hope to have. Know that you have felt love and have been loved – and cherish that knowledge, rather than wishing the whole thing had never happened. These guys knew what they were taking about: