Seven photos that prove true love exists


Ain’t no shame in our game, we are absolute suckers for a bit of romance. We teared up when Rachel got off the plane, we bawled when Demi Moore felt Patrick Swayze’s presence for the final time in Ghost and don’t even get us started on The Notebook. But if you’re one of those people who thinks that ‘true love’ really is confined to Hallmark cards and Nicholas Sparks novels, then feast your eyes on these moments of true love and think again.

1) Can-barely-stand-up love

2) Will love you when you’re beautiful, bald and toothless love

3) Will cry in front of my friends and family love

4) Will wear outrageous headgear together love

5) Will be your other half love

6) Will be all that you need love

7) Will be waiting for you love